Thursday, November 28, 2013

Purple Skittles/Skittlettes....a decidedly non-Thanksgiving post on Thanksgiving Day

Here are the reasons I'm not posting a Thanksgiving mani on Thanksgiving Day:

 - I'm always behind on everything.  I'm a planner by nature, but only when it comes to real-life priority things.  Don't get me wrong, painting my nails is definitely a real-life priority for me, but photographing/uploading/editing and planning blog posts with those manis tends to take a backseat to all of the other obligations in my life (especially now as we work on transitioning to civilian life and relocate).

- I'm totally in a purple mood lately, as you'll soon see below...

- I currently live in FL, where seasonal colors aren't necessarily prompted by weather changes.  So while I've done a couple "fall" colored manis, for the most part I'm still jonesing on the brighter colors for my nails.

I'm sure there are more reasons, but my brain is more fried than usual so I'll just start posting the pics!

Let's start with what I'm wearing today, a mani inspired by polishes I recently picked up during our house-hunting trip, to a region of the country that has Rite Aid!!  The pretty matte silver, Layla Softouch 01, was obtained in the bargain bin at Ulta a few weeks back but the rest of the polishes are from Rite Aid:  Dark purple is Sinful Colors Mesmerize, the pale periwinkle is Sinful Colors Candy Coated, and that soooooo pretty glittery textured purple is JulieG Sugar Plum Fairy.  Other than it being a little thicker than I prefer, JulieG once again nailed the right way to do texture!

More pics of this mani and two others after the jump:

I feel like I need to expand my horizon a bit for individual nail designs....I seem to always default to dots and dotted flowers, and maybe that's a little boring.  But regardless, I'm still enjoying these manis, even if they weren't perfect.  Like this next one:

Eeeeek, not loving the mistakes I made on this one, which is why I only kept it on for one day.  But it still turned out semi-cute and once again allowed me to use some untrieds.  The purple on my ring finger is Zoya Carter, which I've swatch-worn but haven't posted here yet (note to self!).  The purple textured polish on my thumb is OPI Can't Let Go and the other two purples are Sinful Colors Sweet Tooth (light) and Sinful Colors Tempest (medium).  All great polishes and certainly easy to work with, but just don't look too closely at my mistakes. 

Third and final mani for today is this one, which isn't technically purple, but it has purple tones so it totally counts, right?

I used all Zoyas for this one:  the dark grey is Kelly, the light pink creme is Heather and the shimmery dark pink is Carly.  I think I'll be doing more color combos in this dots and lines style, I love it that much.  The above photo is the only good one I got in natural daylight, whereas the below pics were taken in the evening under one of my CFL lamps.

What do you think?  Which of the three is your favorite?

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