Sunday, November 17, 2013

Layla Ceramic Effect 39 - Southern Light

So recently Danielle over at Polish. Glitter. Rock & Roll. posted about Layla Ceramic Effect 39 and I remembered that I'd recently tried out that color as well, but hadn't gotten a chance to post about it.  What I love about Danielle's photos is that she was able to capture the purple awesomeness of the polish, a feat that I was completely unable to do with my photos.  For me, this polish totally reads dark grey with the occasional flash of purple, most often when out in the sun (not that you can see any purple AT ALL in these photos): 

What's great about Danielle's blog post is that she said she couldn't capture the grey-with-pink-shimmer nature of this polish, so I offered to post my photos and we'll link to each other.  Because again - I could NOT get the purple of the polish to show up at all!  Lol.  Seriously people, do YOU see any purple here?.... now go look at Danielle's pretty purrrrrple pics....

More of my (grey) photos after the jump:

Regardless of the purple/grey thing, this is a GORGEOUS polish.  Super easy formula, lovely on the nails, perfect duochromey balance in real life.  I have a weakness for grey polish, and this is one of my very favorites in the stash. 

Look at that shimmah!

I lucked out by getting this in the clearance section at Ulta, which I believe is because Ulta is no longer carrying Layla polishes.  Don't quote me on that, since I'm too lazy to do the research to confirm, but I think I've read about it on other nail blogs....



  1. this is just crazy. lol they look completely different. great swatches and thanks for the help.

    1. I know, right? I think next time I wear this polish, I'll try to get some artificial lighting pics, see if that might pull out the purple some more.... :)

  2. I bought this color when my Ulta had everything on clearance too. It's such a weird color that I couldn't decide which color wheel to put it on! And I love that about it! LOL