Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Ulta Femme Fatale + stamping

It's taken a few days for me to put this post together, and I'm not entirely sure why it took so long since I loved the mani (wore it a few weeks ago) and was all kinds of pleased with my stamping efforts.  I mean sure, it's not perfect or anything, but for a novice stamper I thought it turned out pretty well.

I'm thinking that my pics aren't all that great on this one.  Ulta Femme Fatale is the base color and in real life it's a very pretty dark burgundy/maroon that I really liked a lot.  I love deep, dark vampy colors with my pale skin and (relatively) short nails and this was no exception.  Easy formula and application, a bit glowy due to the shimmer that's a few shades lighter than the base....but I have to admit that my photos don't show the polish's true beauty. 

But hey, let's enjoy the mani anyway.  :)  More pics/thoughts after the jump:

I recently purchased the Cheeky Jumbo Plate 10, aka "Happy Nails" and I really love just about every image on it!  I didn't take a photo of the plate, but this stamp is the swirly floral, first image on left, second row from top.

The polish I stamped with is Salon Perfect Silver Screen (purchased at Walmart), a subtle holo polish I've yet to wear as a full mani but it worked GREAT as a stamping polish.  I've read that the Salon Perfect holos are near/exact dupes for the most recent China Glaze Hologlam line.  A lot of people weren't too happy with the CG holos, but I'm not one of those people because I prefer subtle holos.

The immediate above and below photos were taken underneath my CFL lamp.

These photos were taken in indirect natural light.

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  1. Hi, I came here from Will Paints Nails for Food feedback form. I love that you have your follow & search buttons at the top of your blog - I hate having to search for those things! I also like your close-up photos - I like seeing that nail art! Two suggestions: try wrapping your tips so they aren't showing the white of your nails - it's slightly distracting. Also, have you thought about not using page breaks? I know it's totally personal preference, but it's personally something I can't stand! LOL.

    1. Jessica, I laughed when I read your suggestion to wrap my tips because I've tried doing it before and then proceeded to pick/scratch it all off within hours of finishing the mani! I polish in the evenings and then photograph the next morning/day so it would take a herculean effort to not pick at the tips for 16+ hours. I'll keep trying but I suspect that it might be a nervous habit that'll be tough to break! I'm still on the fence about page breaks. I guess they can be annoying when scrolling blogs directly, but I often inadvertently forget that fact since I mostly use Bloglovin' for my reading. I'll definitely give it some more thought, thanks for your feedback!

    2. That's totally understandable about picking at them! After much haranguing by my mother when I was a child, I really stopped picking my nails but it took a long time (until I was probably in my twenties!). I'm glad I've found you through WPNFF. :D -Jessica

  2. Hello, I also come here from the WPNFF feedback group =)
    I like how simple and uncluttered your blog layout is (I'm not a huge fan of the dark colour scheme, but that's personal preference, of course). You're doing a good job at nail art for a beginner, so keep up the good work!
    I couldn't find the option to follow you via Google Friend Connect (or Blogger) - have you thought about adding it? Some people still prefer to use it!

    1. Hi Alena, thanks so much for viewing and critiquing! I'm pretty inept at formatting my blog, especially when it comes to adding those "follow via..." buttons, but I'll definitely take a look at adding more of those options. I did it once for Bloglovin', so surely I can do it again?? Lol.

  3. Thanks so much, ladies! I'll definitely return the favor on your blogs very soon....