Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Zoya Skittle!

'Tis one of my favorite times of the year....Zoya's Earth Day exchange promo!  Money is a little tight these days, so I'm not sure if I'll partake in the promo, but it's almost too good to pass up so maybe we'll just have a lot of grilled-cheese-and-soup dinners for a while in order to support my endless love of all things Zoya?  :)

To honor what I feel is one of the best polish companies on the planet (bold words considering I've yet to try probably about 90% of the world's polishes), here is a mani I did a while back using only Zoya polishes:

Polishes used:
Mason - shimmery deep pink
Bevin - dusty green creme
Cassedy - shimmery greenish/gunmetalish (yes, that's what I said)
Purity - white creme

More after the jump......

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Well....ummmmm......HI!  I'm back, kinda.  After moving north in early-ish January and trying to get settled in with hubs and kiddo and kitties...throw in a few road trips and THE WORST WINTER TO MOVE NORTH after not living in any sort of snowy area for 15+ years, I'm finally...slowly....starting to find my new routine.  Sorta.  A little bit.  We still have loads of boxes to unpack, but guess what got unpacked and organized fairly quickly?  Yep, my polish stash.  Though I haven't been blogging, I've still been polishing regularly, as it seems to be one of the few things keeping me sane in this time of "the unknown" and upheaval.  Have I ever mentioned that I don't cope well with change and lack of a routine???

So anyway, what have I chosen to share with you today as my comeback post? Let's do a couple of green skittle manis, both featuring Zoya Chita....

Details and more pics after the jump....