Wednesday, August 28, 2013

OPI Parlez-vous OPI + Wet & Wild Hannah Pinktana

A nearby beauty supply store (independent) is apparently closing its location and is running ridiculously reduced prices, particularly on OPI.  I dug through multiple baskets/crates to see if anything tempted me, and I scored a few good finds....but today's post is about a polish that's apparently hard-to-find (HTF), and I didn't even know it when I bought it.  :)

I have a weakness for dusty colors, so it was a no-brainer that I would grab this lovely purple-ish mauve-y neutral bottle out of the bottom of a basket.  Once home I did a little online research for swatches (my usual habit) and discovered that apparently this polish from OPI's Fall 2008 La Collection de France.  That collection also has OPI's You Don't Know Jacques, which is absolutely an iconic color for the company (a universally flattering color for everyone, regardless of skin tone or age or whatever).  Many of the colors from that collection are still easily obtained, but apparently this pretty dusty purple/violet was discontinued and can be pretty HTF/expensive so I was happy to have (accidentally) found it.

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The real test for me, though, is how it looks on my nails.  I don't care how valuable something is, if it doesn't look good, I ain't keeping it!  But no worries, I fell HARD for this color on's tres chic for sure!

This is two coats with my usual Essie Millionails base coat and Sally Hansen Insta-Dri top coat.
I've also added one coat of Wet & Wild Hannah Pinktana as an accent nail.

On the second day of wearing this, I wanted to play around with the Hannah Pinktana a little more (plus I needed to cover a bit of tip wear), so I added some french tips for a bit of subtle sparkle....

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  1. this look is amazing! i love your photos!

    1. Thanks so much! You do a great job on your pics, too. :)