Thursday, September 5, 2013

Finger Paints A Grape Catch

Like many of us in the nail polish obsessed community, I follow the blog All Lacquered Up, and was excited to check out the Finger Paints collection that she created in collaboration with Sally Beauty.  While running errands the other day, I dragged my husband and son into a Sally's (they were thrilled....not) and was delighted to see that they had the display out already even though it wasn't quite September.  I grabbed two of the colors, A Grape Catch and You Yacht To Know Better.  Today's post is about the former....

Pretty, right?  Well, it's even better in real life.  I could not for the life of me get a color-accurate photo taken of this dark, steely, shimmery purple, so these pics are ever-so-slightly tweaked via Photoshop.  And even then they aren't perfect, but you'll get the gist.

More pics and observations after the jump...

My accent finger base color NYX Girls Golden Lavender, which is a fairly sheer (what you see is 3 coats) orchid pink/purple with a pretty golden shimmer.  It didn't mesh too well with my skin tone, unfortunately, so I'll most likely add it to the swap pile.

I loved A Grape Catch though! Perfect for fall, deep, interesting, shimmery, steely purple goodness.  It was a smidge gloopy for my taste, but I'm betting a drop of thinner will make it just right.  I can't wait to try You Yacht To Know (blue with a fun teal-ish micro glitter) and might also pick up some other colors from the collection once my budget recovers from my latest polish haul(s).  :)

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