Thursday, August 15, 2013

Polish Spam - random fun

My first post...figured it was past time to start a blog in order to catalog the hundreds of photos stored on my computer.  I became re-interested in nail polish about a year ago when I picked up a bottle of Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in "Black Platinum" and fell in love with the dark smoky gunmetal grey.  Then a friend and I got pedicures done and she chose OPI's "Grape...Set...Match" and I fell in love with THAT color as well.  Then I discovered fast-dry topcoats and then I was a true mean I can polish my nails and NOT have to sit around doing nothing for an hour???

I'm a 40-something mom to a 5 yr old boy (busy little guy) and a CinC House....that's a jokey "Commander in Chief - HOUSE" nickname for military spouses, which means I maintain most aspects of our family life and is just another goofy way to say I'm a homemaker.  I also make jewelry and try to keep the mid-life crisis at bay by drinking wine, Facebooking with far-away friends/family since we're military and usually don't live anywhere near our nearest and dearest, and painting my nails.

Anyway, that's my long-winded way of saying that I'm busy busy busy (what woman isn't?) and so the discovery of fast-drying topcoats was a BIG DEAL for my renewed interest in having pretty nails.  I also like to play around with colors via polish because my fashion style consists of jeans/capris, tees in boring colors and flip flops, and having fun colors on my toes and fingers is...well.....just FUN!

Okay, enough babbling.  Doubt anyone will read this anyway...  :-)

Here I am wearing China Glaze "Flying Dragon", and dammit, I can't remember what the blue is right now (my memory sucks, btw).  I found the CG at a Meijer in Ohio during our annual vacation road trip to/from Canada and didn't know a whole lot about it, but found that it's a fun color to wear.  My favorite colors are blue, purple and, occasionally, green, so this polish ticked off two of those three preferences and I enjoyed wearing it.  However, I will say that it chipped pretty quickly, probably due to its neon-ish, matte finish.  Those generally don't last too long, I guess?

Two coats of Flying Dragon with one base coat of Essie Millionails and a topcoat of  Sally Hansen Inst-Dry (red bottle).

Now, HERE is the polish that finally pushed me to start this blog.  While visiting my family in NJ, I crept away for a couple hours of solo shopping and stopped into a Sally's Beauty.....and found this beauty from China Glaze's most recent holographic collection marked down to $2.50 from the retail price of $14.  TWO DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS!!!  Squeeeee!  Now, I know a lot of people in the polish world didn't love the polishes from that collection so I was a little skeptical when I bought it, but figured at that price, oh well, who cares if it sucks, right?

However, it was loooooooove at first wearing once I got it on my fingers!  I like holo polish, but I fall more on the "subtle" holo side of the fence...I like to see the base color more than the this polish is just perfect for me and my tastes.  This particular color is "When Stars Collide" and in the bottle looks like a beautiful maroon.  But on my fingers, in real life, it leans more purple, which makes me happppppy.  

So you see, I had to finally get a blog started so I can share the ridiculous joy I feel at having scored this little pretty at such a discounted price AND loving it with utter abandon.  Yes, I'm a goofball.

Two coats of When Stars Collide, along with my usual base coat of Essie Millionails and top coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dry.  I took this on day two of wear, after much activity and time at the beach and chores, etc.  Most polish I wear doesn't make it past two days (I like to switch colors a lot), plus I'm hard on my hands in general, so I can't really comment on wear time for anything I put on.  Sorry 'bout that!


More to come as I get time.  I have to admit that my posts will probably be sporadic as I get my little guy ready to start kindergarten and re-focus on my jewelry business.  But this little blog will be my outlet just for meeeee and any friends I have the courage to share it with (damn, I hate ending with a preposition, but sometimes it's gotta be done).

Oh, and I apologize for dry fingers/cuticles and all the imperfections in the pics.  I'm a perfectionist and a teeny little OCD when it comes to every other aspect of my life, so when it comes to this blog and my nails and the pics to document it, I'm trying to let go of those particular tendencies (or at least relax them a bit).  Consider it my attempts to chill the eff out, because now that I'm "middle-aged", it's time to realize that perfectionism can be harmful, at least to me.  :-)

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