Thursday, August 15, 2013

Blue & Silver French with Essie!

Woohoooo, two posts in one day....I have a LOT of photos to post.  However, I must admit that I can't remember exactly what polishes I used for many of the older pics.  Oh well, I'll still post 'em since I'm considering this blog a "nail polish photo diary" of sorts. 

One reason I wanted to start this blog is that I appreciate all of the other nail polish bloggers who post about their experiences, whether it's from swatching or nail-of-the-day or collections reviews, etc.  I am especially grateful for anyone who posts/posted about random polishes that have nothing to do with collections or trends or reviews because since I'm new to this obsession, I'm building my collection based on what I like in any/all random stores and many of these polishes just don't seem to have been blogged about.  So one goal I have for this tiny little space on the interwebs is to help out anyone who's standing in the store with their smartphone, wondering if they should get that polish and turning to Google to help them make the decision.  Cuz guess what?  I've done that myself, a lot!

So next up is this cool little tape mani I did back in January...which explains why I can't quite say for sure what polishes I used (except the silver).  Ooops.  :-)

Here is Essie Smooth Sailing, a lovely light denimy blue with pretty silver shimmer, with tips done in Essie No Place Like Chrome (sorry for the blurry pic):

I used Washi tape for the french it for the low-tack and inexpensive option to using painters tape or striping tape.

Here is the same mani gussied up with dark purple dots the next day, please don't ask what it was because my brain has looooong since forgotten:

Smooth Sailing is one of my very favorite, go-to blues since it's flattering on my fair skin tone and it's just so goshdurn pretty!!!

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