Saturday, August 17, 2013

Friday Fun (teal)

After being away from home for about 6 weeks visiting family up north, I finally had an evening where I could just play around with some polishes a bit.  I was feeling the teal vibe while choosing colors, and wanted to try out the Orly "Sparkling Garbage" I recently scored on sale at Sally's, so here is the end result:

The above pic was taken in direct sunlight.

The polishes I used (base coat of Essie Millionails and top coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri was used on all fingers):

Thumb --  2 coats of Contrary Polish Aruba and 1 coat of Orly Sparkling Garbage
Index -- 2 coats of SinfulShine Rendezvous and 1 coat of Orly Sparkling Garbage
Middle -- 2 coats of  Aruba with accent painted in OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls, SinfulShine Rendezvous and touch of Sparkling Garbage
Ring -- 4 coats of Sparkling Garbage
Pinky -- 2 coats of Rendezvous with accent painted in Aruba, My Boyfriend Scales Walls and a smidge of Sparkling Garbage.

More pics after the jump!

The above pic was taken in the shade, natural lighting.

So my freehand skills are a bit lacking, which I'm okay with because I don't do it a lot and most people would only see my nails from far away.  What makes me laugh though, is that don't they look like cute little starburst thingies?....yeah, well, they're *supposed* to be half flowers.  Oooops.  Lol!  Oh, maybe I could claim that they're the tops of tulips? 

 Shade, natural lighting above.
(with a little cameo by my son's chalk artwork)

Direct sun for above pic.

A blurry pic to show the pretty holo sparkle of Sparkling Garbage.

I generally only crop and maybe bump the contrast a little on my photos, so some of the sun pics might seem a little washed out.  I try not to Photoshop too much because, well, I'm just not that good at it!  :-)  So in the above photo, the ring finger of Sparkling Garbage looks like a paler green than it is in real life, but I can attest that it just lovely despite the four coats it took to get that opacity.  I have a strict rule about the number of coats - "it better be damn pretty if it takes more than 2 coats!" - and this one qualifies.  Though I'll probably find an undie color to use if I decide to wear SG on all my nails....


  1. Great design and color combo! Love those holos!

  2. Thanks! See what I mean about free-handing? Lol....