Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I'm here, I'm here....and completely random Swatch Spam

Well, how's THAT for a bit of a blogging break?....a few months....maybe a bit longer than that....ooops. :)  Time to get back into the swing of things now that school has started back up and we're adapting to a more regular schedule, one that will hopefully allow me to get back into blogging about my ever-expanding polish collection.  I seriously need to be on a no-buy, but that's pretty impossible right now with all of the fall collections coming out.  Don't get me started on what happened when Zoya announced their Entice and Ignite collections!  But I digress, more on that later....

It is time to work on clearing out some older swatches sitting on the ol' computer, so sit back and prepare for some completely random swatch spam!

First up is Nicole by OPI Back to Reality...TV.  I'm in total love with this polish, a gorgeous periwinkle blue with a prominent pink shimmer.  Or maybe it's a grey blue with pink shimmer?  Honestly, it could go either way, but this polish is a stunner no matter how you see it.  Easy formula, too.  In fact, after editing the pics for this polish, I think I'm going to have to wear it again very soon.  Two coats here.

A polish I've been lemming for a while is Sinful Colors Zeus, and some internet sleuthing has indicated that this polish might be a pretty good dupe for it.  I still want Zeus, of course, but this may lessen the urge for it enough to make it lower on the hunt list.  :)

 Click on through the jump to see the other polishes I'm featuring today:

This next purty polish is Maybelline Blue Freeze, a nice deep dark navy with a solid shimmer.  Nice formula, didn't stain upon removal, an overall non-boring navy blue courtesy of that awesome shimmer.  Two coats.

This next pretty is Revlon Decadent, which is a lovely purple with heavy blue shimmer that makes you think sometimes that the polish is blue....or purple....even though I don't think it's technically a duochrome.  But don't put much stock in me when I try to describe colors, I'm not all that great at describing anything beyond the basics.  :)

I'd just purchased OPI I Snow You Love Me, a holo circle glitter polish.  It's definitely the kind of topper where you'd need to "dab" it onto your nails in order to get good coverage, but for this mani I opted to fish out individual glitters and place them with a dotting tool.  Easy-peasy accent!

Here is Orly Fowl Play, which I fondly refer to as "Fall in polish form".  Damn, this is popular in the nail polish world for a reason...purple jelly base with orange flakes and micro shimmer in colors I can't even really identify!  Super pretty, super unique and definitely one I'll be wearing a lot this fall and winter.

While I can't be sure, since my notes at the time aren't great, I believe that accent nail is Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Wine Not.

We'll end things today with this polish, Pure Ice I'll Never Tell.  I initially snagged this at Walmart when I was going through a "brown mood" whenever I looked at polish, and while it looked pretty in the bottle, I was unprepared for how much I loved it once it was on my nails.  It's a shimmery dark brown made waaaayyy more interesting with plentiful flakies that are maybe clear, or maybe a light transparent silver?  I can't tell.  All I know is that this is BIG favorite in my stash and will be awesome for fall and winter.

GAHHHH, look at those flakies!!

Well somehow this post became a bit heavy on the "fall polishes" side of things, but that's okay since we're hopefully someday sorta maybe gonna transition into that season once Mother Nature decides to give up on the hot and humid side of things.  Have I mentioned that I haaaate humidity??? 

I'd love to know what you think of these polishes, so leave comments!  Have a great day...

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