Sunday, September 14, 2014

Dotticures - Part I

Hi again, hope you're enjoying a nice weekend wherever you are!  Our weather has finally started turning to cooler temps, which makes this humidity-hating girl very happy. 

In my ongoing quest to empty out my poor computer's vault of nail polish photos, today I'm posting "part I" of dotticures I've done over the last year or so.  I was not quite as vigilant in noting what polishes I used in older manis, so I apologize for the ones where I don't recall which polishes were used. This post is picture-heavy so I didn't use my usual preference for photo size.  Therefore, be sure to click on the pics if you want to see more detail. 

And so we begin...

Dotticures are such a quick and simple way for a high-impact mani, in my opinion.  It's what I tend to do when I want something more than a plain color but don't have time for anything too involved.  This one, comprised of Sinful Colors Beatnick (lighter color) and Julie G Tokyo Nights (navy blue), was what I wore for a 3-day weekend trip to celebrate my cousin's high school graduation. That green of Beatnick is so cute for adding a bright pop of color, and the formula was about as easy as can be.  Tokyo Nights was also great, no complaints, and is a super-dark navy blue...not quite black-looking, but still DARK.  I loved both polishes!

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I was in the mood for a lotta dots with this one, apparently.  :)  The dark grey is Ulta Smoke Screen (a great dupe for Zoya Kelly!), the bright turqoise/green is Funky Fingers Bizerk Turq, and that perfect blue is Zoya Jo.

Zoya Jo, to me, is just the perfect medium blue and its subtle shimmer adds just the right ooomph to it.  I'm a blue girl all the way, and I like just about any shade of that color, but what really gets me about Jo is that it's not too light and not too dark, and it lands right in the middle of appropriate for ANY weather season.  The other two shades are great too...Smoke Screen is a good dark grey staple for anyone's stash, and Bizerk Turq is a nearly neon green that doesn't suit my skin tone too well (most neons don't), but it's a great inexpensive bright green, especially for warmer months.

Next up, I have a mani that I did while on a road trip, so it's a simple one.  Doing manicures in hotel rooms is always a fun adventure in making do with what you have, lol.  The polishes are Zoya Caitlin, that awesome purple-toned grey (one of my all-time favorites, I have a backup bottle of this one), and the shimmery purple is Sinful Colors Daddy's Girl.  Caitlin covers in 2 easy coats, smooth as buttah.  I think that Daddy's Girl is kinda sheer though, so 3 coats is probably best for this polish.  I think I only did two coats here, but it was a long time ago so I can't remember for sure.

Okay, so I mentioned earlier that I'm a blue girl, which is mostly true.  Blue is awesome and has been my personal favorite color for decades.  HOWEVER, purple is kinda sorta maybe my current favorite color.  More or less.  Okay, fine...I loooooove purple and make no apologies that really, I have two colors I'm equally passionate about: blue AND purple.  :)

Here is Zoya Payton, that awesome holo-y deep purple that is so fantastic I can hardly stand it, and Zoya Demi, the lighter creme that also makes my heart go pitter-patter.  I'd been wondering if these two would look good paired together and I'm happy to say that they do.  I reeeeally loved this mani I wore over the summer.  

Sorry, I couldn't resist showing you a 3rd photo of this combo....that lake in the background is where I vacation every summer with my family, Lake Duborne near Blind River, Ontario.

The next dotticure mani helped me use several of my untried polishes.  I have a fairly large pile of untried polishes, because like most of us involved with this hobby/passion, I can't often resist buying new pretties, especially when I find good deals in clearance bins or know that a limited edition polish won't be available for long.  :)

Starting with the thumb, here are the base colors:
Milani Violet Dash
Milani Power Periwinkle
Zoya Dove
Sally Hansen Kiwi Bikini
Sephora by OPI It's a Naan Issue

Then I just did a simple diagonal line of dots using the same colors, and "bumping" them to the next finger.  Fun, easy, quick!

Have you read this far?  THANK YOU!  Finally we have a mani that didn't quite work out how I wanted it to, but live and learn, right?  The base color is China Glaze Moonboots, a beautiful navy blue with a subtle holo that is just gorgeous.  Going through these photos is reminding me that I need to wear it again soon, lol.  

Unfortunately, this is an old enough mani that I Have no idea what colors I used for those dots.  And the photo quality isn't good enough to really show how I used two DIFFERENT colors, a blue and a green.  But oh well, it's part of my mani vault and I'm gonna share it anyway!

Whew!  See why I'm breaking this into two blog posts?  :)  I hope you enjoyed perusing these dotticure creations of mine.  Please let me know via comments if you have any questions, and thanks for viewing!

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