Saturday, September 20, 2014

Dotticures - Part II

Hi y'all, I'm back with part II of my dotticure "series", though I hesitate to call it a series since this is pretty much it for the time being.  Mmhhh, now I'm rethinking the meaning of the word "series".  But I digress....

Starting out with a fun all-Zoya mani I did over the summer while on vacation:

Zoya Purity - white
Zoya Breezi - blue creme
Zoya Muse - blue shimmer/glitter

I wasn't all that interested in the Zoya Bubbly collection when it was released, most of the colors were just a smidge too bright for this dark and vampy loving girl.  But it is a rare thing when I can resist a blue color, so Muse came home with me in a moment of weakness.  I was pleasantly surprised that she covered in two coats (I'd read on some blogs that Muse was a little sheer), and was a nice complement to Breezi, a gorgeous summery blue creme that I picked up during one of Zoya's many (awesome) promos.

A few more manis after the jump!

This next mani was done over a year ago, and it's still one of my all-time favorites, plus it's super easy to do.  The grey is Zoya Harley, a really beautiful light grey with silver shimmer, the purpley-pink is Zoya Perri applied after I'd put scotch tape over Harley on the diagonal, and the dots were done with Color Club Sugar Plum Fairy, a great holo glitter polish.

Gahhhh, look at that shimmer in Harley!!

Ooooo, now we're up to one of the best indie brands, in my opinion!  That gorgeous grey with pink shimmer is Elevation Polish Rapa Nui. All of the Elevation Polish(es) I have apply like butter, so easy and perfect in 2 coats, and Rapa Nui is an awesome neutral-with-interest against my pale skintone.  So pretty!

Look at how pretty it is in the sun!!  Okay, I'll calm down now.  To pull out some of that pink shimmer, I paired Rapa Nui with Ulta Uptown Girl, added a few dots, and voila...

This next mani was more recently done, using Bonita Royal Highness (the lighter purple with some silver shimmer) and Sinful Colors Lively in Lilac, a nice jelly-base-with-pink-glitter polish that was a little gloopy but worth the hassle for the end result.  The glitter isn't too dense, which means Lively in Lilac is probably best with 3 coats.  I had to be a little heavy-handed with my dots in order to get the glitter payout I wanted for this look.

My apologies for the dry cuticles, I know it's not exactly what you want to see when perusing nail blogs, but I'd rather present "reality" than airbrushed images...just my preference.  :)

For my final dotticure, I went with this case, NYC Skyline Blue as the light blue and Finger Paints You Yacht To Know Better for the darker blue.  Both polishes had some slight formula issues...Skyline Blue is a little streaky on the first coat and You Yacht To Know Better was kinda thick and gloopy (will try thinner next time I use it)...but both colors were gorgeous and I especially loved YYTKB for the lighter aqua micro glitters in that pretty navy base color.

Awwww yeah, see that gorgeous blue glitter??  :)

So that's it for my archival stash of dotticure manis.  I'm sure it will surprise no one that I've already done a couple more recently, they're such a cute and easy way to give a little more interest to manis, but those pics will have to wait a while longer to share, as I have other plans for the next few posts.  In the meantime, thanks so much for reading, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

PS.  Feel free to comment if you have any questions.

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