Sunday, December 22, 2013

A Christmas Mani!!

Hi all!  (well, I think I only have 2-3 followers -- hi guys! -- but I'm gonna pretend I'm talking to the whole wide By some miracle, because I'm always late with stuff, today I have my Christmas-themed mani to show you.  I don't know whether I'll be doing another one for Dec. 25 or not, so I figure I'd post this one to you ahead of time.  I haven't posted my Halloween mani yet, but I'll get around to that eventually....

(I'm sorry for the slightly blurry photos in this post, some days are just harder than others to get a good photo)

I started off with a base of Zoya Seraphina, a really interesting polish from their Zenith collection.  In the photos, it comes across as a white with silver shimmer/glass fleck, but in person it's predominantly silver, toned down with a white base.  It's tough to describe, to be honest!

I loved this far more than I expected to.  I think it's a perfect base for holiday/winter art, and it's quite festive and pretty by itself, too.

More pics after the jump, including the right-hand photo of this mani....

Unfortunately, three of the other 5 polishes I used in this mani are unnamed.  A long time ago I picked up a Color Club set at TJ Maxx and none of them had labels.  It was so long ago (and before I really started to get totally into this polish addiction where I'm now obsessive about knowing the names) I don't even remember what the set was labeled, so I can't look that up to try to get bottle names.  Sorry!  The red, blue and purple foily colors are the unnamed ones.  They all applied flawlessly and are just perfectly jewel-toned colors for holiday manis, imo.

The glitter accent on my ring finger is China Glaze All Wrapped Up, and the green used for the tree, dots and wreath is China Glaze Con-Fused (a Magnetix polish).  That glitter does dry a bit bumpy, so I topped it with one coat of Gelous and then one coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri to get it smoother and shinier.

Oh, and that crystal star on the tree is from a Cheeky rhinestone set I purchased a couple months ago.  I haven't used much of them yet, I really need to start using rhinestone accents more often!

Here is awkward claw photo of my dominant hand, showing how I did the right hand to complement my left.  Even though it's a bit of a fiddly process, I do love using striping tape...the outcome appeals to my need for straight(er) lines and a neat result.  Plus, it allows me to skip trying to do artwork with my left hand!  Lol....

Thanks for reading/looking, hope you like!


  1. These look great, I love the wreath and the Christmas tree! Zoya Seraphina is gorgeous :)

    1. Seraphina is a really unique polish, imo. It even made my "moving stash", ie. the polishes that will be staying by my side throughout the moving!