Friday, December 6, 2013

Christmas Wrapping Paper!

I was in the mood to play around with my striping brushes the other night and decided to make some simple nail art involving traditional holiday colors in foil/heavily shimmered polishes.  Here is the result:

For what I imagined in my head, those stripes would be little thinner (and certainly with cleaner edges), but overall I was happy with the outcome.  I think these nails ended up looking like Christmas wrapping paper...?

I started out with a base of Zoya Shay, which....HELLOOOOO mannequin hands!  Goodness, I think I've inadvertently found the closest match to my skin tone that exists.  Shay is lovely, easy formula, and has a silvery shimmer that keeps it from looking flat...but I have to admit that I didn't keep this mani on for long since it was just a little too creepy to look at my nails and see virtually no distinction between them and my skin.  :)

More pics after the jump, if you're interested....

I then applied the stripes using my thinnest el cheapo cut down art brush, using the following polishes:

Green - Zoya Logan
Gold - Julie G Metallic Heels
Blue - Zoya Noel
Silver - Zoya Trixie
Red - Color Club Berry & Bright

The stripe polishes were a breeze to apply and I really enjoyed their shimmery foily sparkle. 

I hope you don't mind the sort of random lighting photos in this post.  With the holidays ramping up and our preparations for the move in January, I'm having to be a bit more creative about where and when I photograph my manis.  You may see my usual setup and you may also see what I call my "sitting in the school car line" setup as well (ie. the first photo).  The cool thing is that you get to see how the colors look in different lighting....

Please let me know what you think!

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