Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Cult Flushed...plus a few others

Behold the pretty pretty....my very first Cult Nails polish called Flushed.  I know I can achieve opacity with it in 2-3 coats, but I had an untried purple creme in the form of Spoiled 2 Weeks Sober and decided to layer one coat of Flushed over one heavy coat of 2 Weeks Sober.  Both polishes were super easy to work with, though I'll definitely do two coats when I wear 2 Weeks Sober on its own.

On the second day I had some tip wear (most likely NOT due to the polish, I'm super tough on my hands/fingers), so I decided to play with some tape and two of my Julie G textured polishes.  I love the result:

Be sure to check out more photos after the jump, including ones of this mani before the nail art was added...

Oooooooo, such a gorgeous lovely shimmer housed in what might be a perfect purple base.  The formula on Flushed was near perfect and it was a breeze to apply.  I'll definitely purchase more Cult Nails polish when my budget allows!


As I mentioned, the second day showed a bit of tip wear, so I decided to attempt a stamp mani...but that wasn't working out too well.  I keep trying to master the art of stamping, but so far the skill is eluding me.  So instead, I decided to see how a little tape and some textured polish would buy me another day with this pretty mani. 

Using striping tape and also some washi tape (low tack makes it perfect for tape manis, in my opinion), I blocked off my tips and a portion underneath to create some random triangles.  Then with a cut-down art brush, I added Julie G Crushed Candy (pink) and Julie G Rock Candy (green).  I did one finger at a time so I could pull off the tape before the polishes started to dry too much.

I looooooved the result!  This may actually be one of my very favorite all-time manis I've done.  The color combo created a jewel-like effect on my tips but wasn't flashy/showy...or at least not TOO flashy/showy.  :)

What do you think?  Do tell, I love comments!!


  1. Thanks, Melissa! I really loved this mani and am currently brainstorming other color combos, although maybe I'll just put this back on instead. :)