Sunday, October 13, 2013

Inspired by the Spring 2013 Peter Som Custom Trio by Zoya

I was cruising Pinterest a while back and came across some pins promoting the Spring 2014 Peter Som custom trio with Zoya.  Featuring blue, green and a soft coral, it's a pretty color combo that I briefly considered purchasing from Zoya until I remembered that I'd recently bought a coral that was still in my untried pile of polishes.  Digging that out, I searched my stash for complementary colors and waited for inspiration to strike:

So what is that pattern on the accent nail....argyle?  For some reason I kept thinking in my head it was plaid, but nope, that's not right.  Well anyway, this was a fun little skittle mani to do and I was more or less pleased with the result.  I've only just recently started practicing freehand art with some el cheapo brushes I got at Marshall's and cut down to teeny-tiny sizes.  Some days the caffeine from my morning coffee lingers to the evenings, so my lines are a bit shaky, but overall I was happy with my first attempt at this design. 

A description of the polishes I used follows the jump, along with pics showing this mani in matte form and a rare sighting of my right hand....

Polishes used:
Blue - Sinful Colors Rain Storm
Coral - Sinful Colors Soul Mate
Green - Barielle Sweet Addiction
Nude (base on accent nail) - Zoya Shay
    ** Though I haven't done a full mani with it yet, I'm thinking Shay might just be the perfect matchy "mannequin hands" shade for my skin tone.

The next day, I decided to try out my new tiny bottle of Sally Girl matte top coat:

I think I liked this design better matted...what do you think?

Since I rarely put a design on my dominant hand, I'd just slapped a couple coats of Rain Storm on the right hand and called it a day.  When I added the matte top coat to my left hand though, I decided to play with my Color Club Snow-Flakes (matted the ring finger to see how it worked with the blue & flakie combo):

Since it was nighttime when I did these little experiments, the above photo was taken under a CFL bulb.  I really liked how it turned out and will definitely do a full mani with these polishes again soon!


  1. I love the skittle mani. Rain storm has gorgeous shimmer but it goes to hide when you matte it! However, I do love the flakies and rain storm matte!

    1. Hi Ali, thanks for your comment! I've been playing around a lot with the Snow-Flakes lately. I never thought I was a flakie fan, but I think that's because I just hadn't had a good one....but this CC one is AWESOME!!

  2. I love the pretty pastel colors you used, and your argyle pattern looks great!

    1. Thanks for your comment! Those macro photos of our nails sure show every shake and flaw with freehand work, so it's nice to know my argyle isn't a complete disaster in the eyes of other! :-)