Monday, October 7, 2013

Blue Green Texture Skittle

I recently swatched my polish collection onto nail wheels and in the course of organizing the wheels, I was struck with inspiration when some of the texture polishes in blues and greens ended up next to/near each other.  As much as I enjoy texture polishes, I don't love them and have to be in the right kind of mood to wear them.  Although I have to say, OPI Alcatraz...Rocks and several of the Zoya PixieDust shades do their best to tempt me into wearing them more often.

Anyway, here is my fun little blue and green skittle mani:

Fun, right?  The sign of a good mani for me is if I want to wear it longer than 24 hours (have I mentioned that I have a LOT of untrieds?), and I definitely kept this one on for longer than a day.  On the second day I experimented with top-coating by putting on a layer of Gelous and then a layer of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri.  I didn't get any photos of that, though....sorry!

More after the jump:

Ahhhhhh, it's The Claw!  :)  Best photo to show all the colors I used, though...

Thumb: Julie G Blueberry Fizz
Index: Julie G Rock Candy
Middle: Nicole by OPI That's What I Mint
Ring: Zoya Liberty
Pinky: Zoya Sunshine

Completely inadvertently, I noticed the next morning that my nails matched my coffee cup!  ;-)

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  1. Hi Sarah, thanks so much for commenting! I really loved this mani, so it's nice to know it wasn't just me. Lol....

  2. Ooooohhh I love these!! I have all besides Sunshine (who names blue sunshine btw???) so I will be duplicating this :))