Friday, January 3, 2014

NYC Empire State Blue (+ some stamping)

We are in the final countdown of our last days here in Florida, soon to be moving to the northern Delaware area...which is currently being walloped with snow as I type this.  So in the spirit of moving into the snowbelt(ish) area of the country, I did the following mani during the week of Christmas.  I doubt it's going to prepare me for the cold, wind, snow, ice, more cold, etc. but at least my fingernails looked cute!  :)

I started off with a couple coats of NYC Empire State Blue, which is a really pretty medium blue with an extremely fine shimmer of super-light green.  Very sort of Caribbean ocean-ish color, imo.  Since I was planning to stamp a winter theme, I topped Empire State Blue with a coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust:

Full-sun photo to show off that gorgeous holo of CG Fairy Dust!  Since I'm not that adept at stamping, I waited until the next day to do my little design of snowflakes and a snowman, using Zoya Purity and Winstonia plate W120.

Please be kind, remember I mentioned I'm not all that skilled at stamping, lol.  I liked my little wintery snow scene and had fun putting it together!

More pics after the jump....

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  1. Oh man, Fairy Dust is stalking me lately! Might be time for another polish trip, because this is pretty :D

    You did a great job positioning the stamps, which is the hardest part for me! Are you using a razor blade to scrape your plates? I switched to a fake junkmail credit card. They tend to leave a bit more of the polish behind to make the stamp more opaque :)

  2. You know, I resisted Fairy Dust for the longest time because I'd found a good micro-holo topper at Marshall's one time that I really liked (unnamed Cosmetic Arts brand, I think...sorry, it's packed away right now), but then Sally's had a little display of FD minis and I said what the heck, let's give it a try. And now I'm going to get a full-size bottle. So just go ahead and buy it already! :)

    Thanks for the stamping tip! I do use an old credit card for scraping, learned a while ago that the metal scrapers just don't work for me. But my one lone stamper is from that $10 stamping kit sold in just about any store, bought it ages ago when I knew even less about stamping, so I think my next investment will be in a new stamper or two. Can't decide whether to go for the squishy kind, since I have a very strong c-curve and can never get to the edges with the usual firm stampers or just buy a few random stampers and test what works best for me and my style. I'm waiting until one last family Christmas celebration (we always have it in mid-Jan) to see if I get any of the MoYou plates I've begged my aunt for, then I'll see about making an order for more stamping supplies since I do want to practice and improve.

  3. This looks adorable! I love Empire State with Fairy Dust, and the snow stamping is so pretty :)